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We put the root of the marketing reform boils down to: electronic commerce and the development of the Internet, and makes the changes of the relationship between the main body of market participation, and it is very dramatic changes, which contains our stores, buyers, and the media.




To every consumer e-commerce is shopping convenience anytime and anywhere, but for the change of the retail enterprise to bring far more than that. Electricity has given rise to a lot of niche brand, making more and more consumer choice, consumers switch each brand will become more easy and convenient, the choice of consumer is also becoming more personalized, personified.




With the development of the Internet and new media, the mainstream media guide for the individual consumer is weakened, and each individual consumer power is becoming more and more strong. It is in this kind of change of the main line, take the customer as the center is from the era of traditional retail service slogan into the nature of electricity and the age of the Internet business. Where is your customer? How to grasp your customers? Will become every old and new brand will have to go to ponder earnestly and positioning problem.




It is under such a mode, from a series of marketing to run to the change of the brand.

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